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Everybody needs more colour & whimsy in their lives. Don't you think?

A little bit about me ....

Hi there, I'm Jennifer Bedford and I now live at Umina Beach on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW, although up until eight years ago I lived in Sydney.

My first experience with art was in high school.  I didn't pursue it after school but instead made travel a priority, and then came back to it about ten years ago when the call to paint became too strong.  It was then I realised that a career in painting is what I should be doing and made it a priority in my life (and life has definitely not been the same since).

I am a mixed media artist painting mainly abstracts using acrylics, oil pastels and pencils.  Colour is such an important part of my life and this, as you can see from my work, is reflected very well in my paintings.

I began my art career painting colourful whimsical art for young girls, this art was reproduced on to greeting cards and sold in over 200 retail outlets in Australia, NZ and Ireland.

Before I re-discovered painting I worked as a Client Account Manager in Marketing and Advertising Agencies.  I love to travel and have lived and worked all over the world including London, Greek Islands, Munich, Dublin and Edinburgh and have travelled to so many other cities and countries.  I am obsessed with animals and am a weekly Volunteer Tour Guide at a Farmed Animal Sanctuary not far from where I live. 

Well, that just about sums me up.  Oh yes, I'm also married to a wonderful Irishman. x