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If you would love a colourful and whimsical portrait of your family or children, then I would be absolutely honoured to paint it for you.  But first, here is some information to consider.

Style: The commission painting will not look exactly like your child, it is a stylised portrait.  I use the face shape, hair style and colour, plus eye and skin colour to stylise the painting to resemble your child.

I only paint commissions in my colourful whimsical style, and cannot copy another artist’s work.

Timeframe: I love painting commissions, but they take time to create and to get just right, so commissions with tight deadlines cannot be accepted. They generally take 6-10 weeks depending on the amount of humans and pets in the portrait.

Painting Size: My smallest commission size is a canvas approx. 60cm x 70cm, and this is for one child and one pet.  The largest size can be discussed and would depend on your geographic location as large size paintings can be challenging to ship on a frame.

Pricing: As commissions take much longer timeframe to complete than regular paintings due to personalisation, they have a higher cost than my regular paintings.  Pricing will also varies depending on size of canvas, number of humans and pets to be included.



If you decide to proceed with a commission here is what happens:

  • Initial discussion via email. Everything needs to be in writing to ensure communication is correct and understood.
  • Client completes questionnaire regarding contents of portrait.
  • Personalised quotation is emailed.
  • Client agrees to proceed in writing and 50% deposit is paid by client.
  • Client supplies numerous photos of child/children and pet/s, as well as any favourite colours, clothes, background, toys, books, etc.
  • Rough pencil drawing supplied to client to show layout of painting.
  • Painting commenced.
  • Painting completed within six to ten weeks.
  • Photo of painting emailed to client if required (some clients prefer the surprise of waiting to receive it).
  • If photo sent, then minor changes can be made prior to despatch. Once painting has been despatched no changes can be made.
  • Remaining fee paid.
  • Painting carefully & securely wrapped and shipped.



If you are interested in quotation for a personalised commission, please email me (address below) with answers to ALL of the following questions and I will reply to you within five days with a price for your portrait:


What is the approximate size you would like the canvas to be? Minimum 60cmX70cm.

PORTRAIT INFORMATION: Who is in your portrait.

Children: How many?

Pets: How many?

Adults: How Many?

Do you want the subjects to be wearing particular clothing (eg their favourite dress)?

Do you want favourite toys, books, etc included? If so please list and briefly describe or send photos.

Thanks so much for your interest in a Being Whimsical portrait, and please don't hesitate for a second to get in touch if you have any questions.  Jenn x


Jennifer Bedford  :  Being Whimsical Art
Telephone: 0451 574 933